Stories of Success “It’s an enormous task to buy a business and you made it easier for us. We love our new business and it has exceeded our expectations!”

- Bruce Sepielli

Reasons to Buy a Business Through Mill Creek

  • Mill Creek Partners works with the seller to establish a "reasonable" price for the business and will not list a business if the pricing does not make economic sense for a buyer.

  • Mill Creek Partners' staff of professional Business Advisors are highly trained in the business sales process. We have developed our own legal forms and procedures to facilitate the closing process and keep costs, including legal costs, under control.

  • Mill Creek Partners carefully screens buyers for relevant experience as well as financial resources. As a consequence, buyers of Mill Creek Partners businesses enjoy a high level of success post-sale. Sellers want buyers to succeed – they have labored many years to build their business – and financial institutions do not want to lend to unqualified buyers. Care in matching buyers and sellers works for everyone!

  • We author clear, comprehensive selling memoranda – making the buying process simpler and more efficient for buyers.

  • Mill Creek Partners utilizes sophisticated computer systems to efficiently and quickly convey relevant information to buyers.

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