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- Bruce Sepielli

Business Valuation

A business owner considering sale of their business should purchase an Opinion of Value or a Business Valuation.

Why? An Opinion of Value or a Business Valuation...

  • establishes a clear starting point in setting an asking price,
  • helps to answer the question, "is it the right time to sell?",
  • can be used to firm up financing before the sale, resulting in more cash to seller, and
  • provides a mechanism to review after-sale cash and tax positions.

Mill Creek Partners has developed a cost-effective Opinion of Value for small to medium sized businesses which employs the Excess Earnings Method, favored by the IRS, and the Multiple of Discretionary Income Method.

  • The Excess Earning Method values a company based on separately determining the values of tangible and intangible assets and then adding the two values together.
  • The Multiple of Discretionary Earnings values a company based on capitalizing discretionary earnings utilizing a multiplier derived from the measurement of business risk characteristics.

For larger businesses, the owner should purchase a business valuation. Mill Creek Partners uses the widely used "Business Evaluation Systems" software. This software, combined with the expertise of a Mill Creek Partners Business Advisor, develops a 60-page comprehensive valuation based on 72 key questions about the business, as well as financial data.

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