Stories of Success “It’s an enormous task to buy a business and you made it easier for us. We love our new business and it has exceeded our expectations!”

- Bruce Sepielli

Articles on Buying a Business

Buyer Introduction
Going into business for yourself is a big step, one that can be full of apprehension and even fear. Almost 90 percent of all those who purchase a small business have never owned a business. Most of th...More »
The Buying Process
One of the most common questions asked by those who have never purchased a business (which is incidentally about 90 percent of those looking to buy a business) is how do you actually buy a business. T...More »
Common Buyer Questions
Why Should I Buy A Business Rather Than Start One? An existing business has a track record. The failure rate in small business is largely in the start-up phase. The existing business has demonstrat...More »
Today's Business Buyer: A Profile
Today's independent business marketplace attracts a wide variety of buyers eager for a piece of ownership action. Buyers of small businesses are most likely replacing lost jobs or searching for a happ...More »
Why Do People Go Into Business?
41% joined family business 36% wanted more control over future 27% tired of working for someone else 5% downsized or laid off *Source: Dun & Bradstreet 19th Annual Small Business Survey...More »
Buyer Types
The strategic buyer is one engaged in a similar or related business to the one being purchased. Generally, the strategic buyer is willing to pay the highest price since it provides a quick entry to a ...More »
Buying Your Own Business: Important Issues To Understand
Buying your own business can be a complicated procedure. Throughout the buying process, it's important to keep an open mind while searching...More »
Rating Today's Business Buyers
nce the decision to sell has been made, the business owner should be aware of the variety of possible business buyers. Just as small business itself...More »
Buying Your Own Lifestyle
How about a quaint bookstore in a small village? Or maybe a lovely country inn nestled in the mountains? Perhaps a travel agency...More »
Buying a Franchise? What It's Worth To You
If you are considering entering the world of franchising, an important consideration is assessing the value of the business....More »
What Do Buyers Want To Know?
What is the required capital investment? What is the annual net increase in sales? What is in inventory? What is the debt? What is the prospect of the owner staying on?...More »
Today's Business Buyer: A Profile
Today's independent business marketplace attracts a wide variety of buyers eager for a piece of ownership action. Buyers of small...More »
A Buyer's Quandary
Statistics reveal that out of about 15 would-be business buyers only one will actually buy a business. It is important that potential sellers be knowledgeable on what...More »
Dispelling a Buyer Myth
Most prospective business buyers really don't know from the outset the exact type of business they want to buy. Experienced business brokers...More »
Tips for Buyers
Don't be greedy. Sellers deserve a fair price for the years they have spent developing their business. Be prepared to pay for the goodwill of the business....More »
Today's Business Buyer
For a business to sell, there has to be a seller - and a buyer. The buyer of today is a bit different than the one of yesterday. Today's buyer is not a risk-taker,...More »
What Do Buyers Really Want To Know
Before answering the question, it makes sense to first ask why people want to be in business for themselves. What are their motives?...More »
The Serious Buyer
A serious buyer should have the answers to the following questions: Why are you considering the purchase of a business at this time? What is your time-frame to find a suitable business?...More »

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